USS Newport News CA-148 Naval Research - CONGA Combat Naval Gunfire Support File
"Thunder" USS Newport News CA-148 off North Vietnam October 1967 / image adapted from photo by John Glass  
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USS Newport News CA-148 off North Vietnam
( image from photo by John Glass October 1967 )

Combat Naval Gunfire Support File (CONGA) 3/1966 - 1/1973
USS Newport News CA-148 CONGA Data December 1968

The Combat Naval Gunfire Support File (CONGA), 3/1966 - 1/1973 contains a record for every naval gun fire mission during that period of the Vietnam War.  Each record contains the date, time, target coordinates, rounds expended, etc.

NN Viet CruiseStart Date (Local)Start Time (Local)End Time (Local)Elapsed TimeLatitudeLongitudeMGRS CoordinatesDMA (MGRS) MapMap NotesOperationOperation NicknameForces SupportedTime of DayTarget TypeProvinceSpotterGunOrdinanceRounds ExpendedRange (mi)Yards (100's)Spotter AircraftEnemy Losses   Enemy Killed
Second25-Dec-68225301563h 03m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNNIGHTH AND IVINH BINH 5"/38CVT268.0140      
Second25-Dec-68225301563h 03m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNNIGHTH AND IVINH BINH 5"/38HC228.0140      
Second26-Dec-68091510401h 25m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR8"/55HC2411.9210O-1BUNKER1EADAMAGED 
Second26-Dec-68091510401h 25m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR   11.9210O-1STRUCT/BUILDING3EADAMAGED 
Second26-Dec-68104011200h 40m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR8"/55HC1013.6240O-1BUNKER1EADAMAGED 
Second26-Dec-68104011200h 40m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR   13.6240O-1STRUCT/BUILDING4EADAMAGED 
Second26-Dec-68170017530h 53m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR8"/55HC1613.6240O-1BUNKER1EADAMAGED 
Second26-Dec-68170017530h 53m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR   13.6240O-1STRUCT/BUILDING5EADAMAGED 
Second27-Dec-68001502512h 36m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNNIGHTH AND IVINH BINH 5"/38CVT3312.5220      
Second27-Dec-68001502512h 36m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNNIGHTH AND IVINH BINH 5"/38HC912.5220      
Second27-Dec-68085509300h 35m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR8"/55HC1811.9210O-1BUNKER3EADAMAGED 
Second27-Dec-68085509300h 35m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR   11.9210O-1STRUCT/BUILDING3EADAMAGED 
Second27-Dec-68094010421h 02m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYSAMPANVINH BINHAIR8"/55HC2110.2180O-1SAMPAN1EADAMAGED 
Second27-Dec-68094010421h 02m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYSAMPANVINH BINHAIR   10.2180O-1STRUCT/BUILDING1EADESTROYED 
Second27-Dec-68094010421h 02m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYSAMPANVINH BINHAIR   10.2180O-1STRUCT/BUILDING7EADAMAGED 
Second27-Dec-68135014150h 25m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR8"/55HC79.7170O-1     
Second27-Dec-68142015100h 50m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR8"/55HC3415.3270O-1BUNKER2EADAMAGED 
Second27-Dec-68154016250h 45m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR8"/55HC2911.4200O-1STRUCT/BUILDING1EADESTROYED 
Second27-Dec-68154016250h 45m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR   11.4200O-1STRUCT/BUILDING4EADAMAGED 
Second27-Dec-68154016250h 45m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR   11.4200O-1BUNKER2EADAMAGED 
Second27-Dec-68233003304h 00m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNNIGHTH AND IVINH BINH 5"/38HC368.5150      
Second28-Dec-68083009000h 30m     Naval Gunfire - SV 7THARVNDAYSTRUCT/BUILDINGVINH BINHAIR8"/55HC2010.8190O-1STRUCT/BUILDING2EADESTROYED 
Second28-Dec-68083009000h 30m     Naval Gunfire - SV 7THARVNDAYSTRUCT/BUILDINGVINH BINHAIR   10.8190O-1STRUCT/BUILDING15EADAMAGED 
Second28-Dec-68091609360h 20m     Naval Gunfire - SV 7THARVNDAYSTRUCT/BUILDINGVINH BINHAIR8"/55HC2412.5220O-1STRUCT/BUILDING3EADESTROYED 
Second28-Dec-68091609360h 20m     Naval Gunfire - SV 7THARVNDAYSTRUCT/BUILDINGVINH BINHAIR   12.5220O-1STRUCT/BUILDING7EADAMAGED 
Second28-Dec-68093810200h 42m     Naval Gunfire - SV 7THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR8"/55HC2514.2250O-1     
Second28-Dec-68133013490h 19m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR8"/55HC5213.1230O-1BUNKER1EADAMAGED 
Second28-Dec-68133013490h 19m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR   13.1230O-1STRUCT/BUILDING6EADAMAGED 
Second28-Dec-68133013490h 19m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR   13.1230O-1SAMPAN2EADAMAGED 
Second28-Dec-68141514550h 40m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR8"/55HC359.7170O-1BUNKER1EADESTROYED 
Second28-Dec-68141514550h 40m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR   9.7170O-1BUNKER2EADAMAGED 
Second28-Dec-68141514550h 40m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR   9.7170O-1STRUCT/BUILDING9EADAMAGED 
Second28-Dec-68141514550h 40m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR   9.7170O-1SAMPAN3EADESTROYED 
Second28-Dec-68141514550h 40m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR   9.7170O-1SAMPAN4EADAMAGED 
Second28-Dec-68154016150h 35m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR8"/55HC2411.4200O-1BUNKER1EADAMAGED 
Second28-Dec-68154016150h 35m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR   11.4200O-1STRUCT/BUILDING5EADAMAGED 
Second28-Dec-68154016150h 35m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR   11.4200O-1SAMPAN1EADAMAGED 
Second29-Dec-68010303402h 37m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNNIGHTH AND IVINH BINH 8"/55HC3911.4200      
Second29-Dec-68010303402h 37m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNNIGHTH AND IVINH BINH 5"/38VT511.4200      
Second29-Dec-68010303402h 37m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNNIGHTH AND IVINH BINH 5"/38HC411.4200      
Second29-Dec-68102010500h 30m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYSTRUCT/BUILDINGVINH BINHAIR5"/38CVT2511.9210O-1STRUCT/BUILDING1EADAMAGED 
Second29-Dec-68102010500h 30m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYSTRUCT/BUILDINGVINH BINHAIR   11.9210O-1SAMPAN1EADESTROYED 
Second29-Dec-68102010500h 30m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYSTRUCT/BUILDINGVINH BINHAIR   11.9210O-1SAMPAN7EADAMAGED 
Second29-Dec-68110512000h 55m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYSTRUCT/BUILDINGVINH BINHAIR8"/55HC3313.1230 STRUCT/BUILDING1EADESTROYED 
Second29-Dec-68110512000h 55m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYSTRUCT/BUILDINGVINH BINHAIR8"/55AP313.1230O-1STRUCT/BUILDING7EADAMAGED 
Second29-Dec-68110512000h 55m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYSTRUCT/BUILDINGVINH BINHAIR   13.1230 BUNKER3EADAMAGED 
Second29-Dec-68133915151h 36m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR8"/55HC5110.8190O-1BUNKER2EADESTROYED 
Second29-Dec-68133915151h 36m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYBUNKERVINH BINHAIR   10.8190O-1BUNKER1EADAMAGED 
Second29-Dec-68153516340h 59m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYSTRUCT/BUILDINGVINH BINHAIR8"/55AP7012.5220O-1STRUCT/BUILDING6EADESTROYED 
Second29-Dec-68170017130h 13m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNDAYVC/NVA POSITVINH BINHAIR5"/38HC68.5150O-1     
Second29-Dec-68220002004h 00m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNNIGHTH AND IVINH BINH 5"/38CVT449.1160      
Second29-Dec-68220002004h 00m     Naval Gunfire - SV 9THARVNNIGHTH AND IVINH BINH 5"/38HC429.1160      

Source:   Raw .csv CONGA data downloaded from NARA AAD August 2004, and scrubbed by Bob Chase into a usable spreadsheet, CONGANNMissionsv05.xls.

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