USS Newport News CA-148 Naval Research - CONGA Combat Naval Gunfire Support File
"Thunder" USS Newport News CA-148 off North Vietnam October 1967 / image adapted from photo by John Glass  
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USS Newport News CA-148 off North Vietnam
( image from photo by John Glass October 1967 )

Combat Naval Gunfire Support File (CONGA) 3/1966 - 1/1973
USS Newport News CA-148 CONGA Data June 1972

The Combat Naval Gunfire Support File (CONGA), 3/1966 - 1/1973 contains a record for every naval gun fire mission during that period of the Vietnam War.  Each record contains the date, time, target coordinates, rounds expended, etc.

NN Viet CruiseStart Date (Local)Start Time (Local)End Time (Local)Elapsed TimeLatitudeLongitudeMGRS CoordinatesDMA (MGRS) MapMap NotesOperationOperation NicknameForces SupportedTime of DayTarget TypeProvinceSpotterGunOrdinanceRounds ExpendedRange (mi)Yards (100's)Spotter AircraftEnemy Losses   Enemy Killed
Third01-Jun-72034403450h 01m17 12 26N106 30 51EXE610317NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTSUPPLY AREA  8"/55HC2614.8261      
Third01-Jun-72212721280h 01m17 50 48N106 32 08EXE627391NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTSUPPLY AREA SHIP8"/55HC2415.3270 SECONDARY EXP6EA  
Third01-Jun-72232823290h 01m17 40 40N106 24 00EXE485519NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTTRANSHIP AREA  8"/55HC2413.6240      
Third01-Jun-72232823300h 02m17 24 37N106 24 51EXE502556NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTTRANSHIP AREA  8"/55HC2413.5238      
Third01-Jun-72233123340h 03m17 35 35N106 23 55EXE484574NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC1610.8190      
Third01-Jun-72233123310h 00m17 29 54N106 28 54EXE573538NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC1010.8190      
Third02-Jun-72070607070h 01m19 19 51N105 45 52EWG803764NE4803A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTRADAR SITE  8"/55HC4814.8260 SECONDARY EXP3EA  
Third02-Jun-72072507250h 00m19 08 30N105 46 51EWG821672NE4807B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTASSEMBLY AREA  8"/55HC2414.8260      
Third02-Jun-72072507280h 03m19 19 51N105 45 52EWG803764NE4803A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTRADAR SITE  8"/55HC2414.5255      
Third02-Jun-72072607260h 00m19 24 47N105 45 57EWG804672NE4803A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTBRIDGE/APP  8"/55HC2415.3270      
Third04-Jun-72010302551h 52m     Naval Gunfire - SV  NIGHTH AND IQUANG TRI 8"/55HC4814.8260      
Third04-Jun-72030004001h 00m     Naval Gunfire - SV  NIGHTH AND IQUANG TRI 8"/55HC4812.8225      
Third04-Jun-72070911444h 35m     Naval Gunfire - SV  DAYTROOP CONCQUANG TRI 8"/55HC58214.8260      
Third04-Jun-72073007440h 14m     Naval Gunfire - SV  DAYCD SITEQUANG TRI 8"/55HC3451.1900      
Third04-Jun-72073007440h 14m     Naval Gunfire - SV  DAYCD SITEQUANG TRI 5"/38HC3151.1900      
Third04-Jun-72210722331h 26m     Naval Gunfire - SV  DAYH AND IQUANG TRISHIP8"/55HC16214.2250 SECONDARY EXP3EA  
Third05-Jun-72000001161h 16m     Naval Gunfire - SV  NIGHTH AND IQUANG TRI 8"/55HC8514.8260      
Third05-Jun-72011802351h 17m     Naval Gunfire - SV  NIGHTH AND IQUANG TRI 5"/38HC858.0140      
Third05-Jun-72023702590h 22m     Naval Gunfire - SV  NIGHTH AND IQUANG TRI 5"/38HC635.7100 SECONDARY EXP1EA  
Third05-Jun-72060109513h 50m     Naval Gunfire - SV  DAYH AND IQUANG TRI 5"/38HC17514.8260 SECONDARY EXP1EA  
Third06-Jun-72213221330h 01m19 51 40N105 48 05EWG839635NE4803A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTROAD SEGMENT  8"/55HC3612.5220      
Third07-Jun-72023702380h 01m18 57 17N105 46 06EWF809603NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTAMMO STORAGE  8"/55HC3615.3270      
Third07-Jun-72043904400h 01m18 23 00N105 49 01EWF863289NE4807B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTROAD SEGMENT  8"/55HC3615.3270      
Third07-Jun-72101610190h 03m18 47 39N105 41 58EWF737824NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER DAYBOAT REPAIR  8"/55HC5014.2250      
Third07-Jun-72101710180h 01m18 52 51N105 42 02EWF738787NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER DAYROAD SEGMENT  8"/55HC4815.3270      
Third07-Jun-72211221130h 01m19 33 25N105 42 06EWG736266bad MGRSopen oceanSea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTBRIDGE/APP  8"/55HC3615.9280      
Third08-Jun-72022202230h 01m18 29 15N105 47 58EWF844437NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTPOL  8"/55HC3615.9280      
Third08-Jun-72035303540h 01m18 07 02N105 53 53EWF950345NE4807B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTAA SITE  8"/55HC2915.3270      
Third09-Jun-72000800080h 00m18 25 21N105 43 55EWF773713NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTWBLC BEACHED  8"/55HC1215.3270      
Third09-Jun-72000900090h 00m18 09 12N105 44 49EWF790732bad MGRSopen oceanSea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTWBLC BEACHED  8"/55HC1214.2250      
Third09-Jun-72001000100h 00m18 25 21N105 43 55EWF773713NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTWBLC BEACHED  8"/55HC1214.8260      
Third09-Jun-72025302590h 06m18 24 55N105 43 55EWF773639NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTWBLC BEACHED  8"/55HC6314.8260      
Third09-Jun-72041304150h 02m18 41 12N105 43 01EWF756639NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTASSEMBLY AREA  8"/55HC3515.3270      
Third09-Jun-72212521270h 02m18 41 12N105 43 01EWF756639NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTASSEMBLY AREA  8"/55HC4015.9280      
Third09-Jun-72213221380h 06m18 29 51N105 47 58EWF844547NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC7811.9210 SECONDARY EXP2EA  
Third10-Jun-72001800190h 01m18 28 22N105 15 00EWF264251NE4803B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTBRIDGE/APP  8"/55HC4015.3270      
Third10-Jun-72043304340h 01m19 33 25N105 42 06EWG736266bad MGRSopen oceanSea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTBRIDGE/APP  8"/55HC3615.3270      
Third10-Jun-72050905110h 02m19 16 14N106 40 05EXG753162bad MGRSopen oceanSea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTH AND I  8"/55HC10015.3270      
Third10-Jun-72054205440h 02m19 22 26N106 43 04EXG804311NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTH AND I  8"/55HC10815.3270      
Third10-Jun-72210421050h 01m17 49 44N106 37 13EXE717207NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTMILITARY INSTAL  8"/55HC4115.3270 SECONDARY EXP1EA  
Third11-Jun-72001100140h 03m17 21 26N106 49 06EXE932006NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTFERRY/APP  8"/55HC3515.9280      
Third11-Jun-72034003410h 01m17 50 10N106 37 13EXE717281NE4812B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTMILITARY INSTAL  8"/55HC4015.3270      
Third11-Jun-72034003430h 03m17 50 10N106 37 13EXE717281NE4812B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTMILITARY INSTAL  8"/55HC4015.3270      
Third11-Jun-72211321350h 22m17 49 30N106 46 16EXE877171NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC1613.6240      
Third11-Jun-72212121220h 01m17 22 52N106 35 00EXE682243NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTTRANSHIP AREA  8"/55HC2415.3270 SECONDARY EXP7EA  
Third11-Jun-72212221230h 01m17 39 06N106 38 08EXE735244NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTMILITARY INSTAL  8"/55HC2413.6240      
Third11-Jun-72234623470h 01m17 49 44N106 37 13EXE717207NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTVEHICLE  8"/55HC2415.3270      
Third11-Jun-72234823490h 01m17 38 47N106 38 08EXE735189NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTTRANSHIP AREA  8"/55HC2514.8260      
Third11-Jun-72235123540h 03m17 18 02N106 34 54EXE681354NE4812B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTUNKNOWN  8"/55HC3314.8260 SECONDARY EXP7EA  
Third12-Jun-72000000010h 01m16 21 07N106 58 31EYD110897NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTSUPPLY AREA  8"/55HC2415.3270      
Third12-Jun-72000200030h 01m16 31 50N107 06 36EYD252880NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC2415.3270      
Third12-Jun-72221922200h 01m18 09 12N105 44 49EWF790732bad MGRSopen oceanSea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTTRANSHIP AREA  8"/55HC2415.3270      
Third12-Jun-72222122220h 01m18 25 15N105 43 55EWF773695NE4812B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTNAVAL BASE  8"/55HC2015.3270 SECONDARY EXP3EA  
Third12-Jun-72223122330h 02m18 52 44N105 46 02EWF808769NE4812B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC1010.8190      
Third13-Jun-72021002110h 01m19 17 28N105 43 00EWG753322NE4803B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTSUPPLY AREA  8"/55HC3415.9280      
Third13-Jun-72040004010h 01m19 21 37N105 35 05EWG614081NE4807B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTR/R SEGMENT  8"/55HC3415.3270      
Third13-Jun-72042104340h 13m18 14 50N105 56 49EXF001788NE4807B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC2012.5220 SECONDARY EXP2EA  
Third13-Jun-72210021010h 01m19 21 11N105 35 05EWG614008NE4807B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTSUPPLY AREA  8"/55HC2415.9280      
Third13-Jun-72233123380h 07m19 43 47N105 37 06EWG648174NE4803B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTR/R SEGMENT  8"/55HC2415.9280 SECONDARY EXP6EA  
Third13-Jun-72233823390h 01m19 33 09N105 42 06EWG736211NE4803B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTSUPPLY AREA  8"/55HC2411.4200      
Third14-Jun-72002300240h 01m19 44 29N105 41 07EWG718303NE4803B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTR/R SEGMENT  8"/55HC2415.9280      
Third14-Jun-72002400250h 01m19 44 22N105 41 07EWG718285NE4803A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTBRIDGE/APP  8"/55HC2415.3270      
Third14-Jun-72022402250h 01m19 29 04N105 46 01EWG805469NE4803A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTAMMO STORAGE  8"/55HC2415.9280 SECONDARY EXP3EA  
Third14-Jun-72034603470h 01m19 08 30N105 46 51EWG821672NE4807B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTASSEMBLY AREA  8"/55HC2415.3270      
Third14-Jun-72034803490h 01m19 08 24N105 46 50EWG821654NE4807B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTFERRY/APP  8"/55HC2414.2250      
Third14-Jun-72213021310h 01m18 37 55N106 09 10EXF216052NE4807B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTVC/NVA POSIT  8"/55HC2515.9280      
Third14-Jun-72213121320h 01m18 38 02N106 09 10EXF216070NE4807B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTAMMO STORAGE  8"/55HC2414.8260      
Third14-Jun-72213321350h 02m18 38 05N106 09 10EXF216088NE4803B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTPOL  8"/55HC2614.2250      
Third14-Jun-72230623070h 01m18 49 04N106 04 14EXF128106NE4803B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTPOL  8"/55HC2415.9280      
Third15-Jun-72012601270h 01m18 23 12N105 53 00EWF933327NE4807B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTUNKNOWN  8"/55HC2415.3270      
Third15-Jun-72012801290h 01m18 12 15N105 53 58EWF951308NE4807B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTSTAGING AREA  8"/55HC2414.2250      
Third15-Jun-72040104020h 01m18 13 47N105 48 52EWF861584NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTRADAR SITE  8"/55HC3015.3270      
Third15-Jun-72040304030h 00m18 19 00N105 48 57EWF862548NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC1213.6240      
Third15-Jun-72040504050h 00m18 56 50N105 50 06EWF879529NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC1214.2250      
Third15-Jun-72040604060h 00m18 56 47N105 50 06EWF879511NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC1014.8260      
Third15-Jun-72040704070h 00m18 45 56N105 51 04EWF897511NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC1314.8260      
Third15-Jun-72040804090h 01m18 56 47N105 50 06EWF879511NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC1115.3270      
Third15-Jun-72041004110h 01m18 18 23N105 52 55EWF932437NE4807A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC514.2250      
Third15-Jun-72212321250h 02m18 03 36N106 26 07EXE519740NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC3811.9210      
Third15-Jun-72213021310h 01m17 58 14N106 26 01EXE518759NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC2011.9210      
Third15-Jun-72213221380h 06m17 36 38N106 27 53EXE554777NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC6010.8190      
Third15-Jun-72220122030h 02m17 58 44N106 29 59EXE588851NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC2010.2180 SECONDARY EXP1EA  
Third15-Jun-72220622070h 01m17 15 32N106 28 37EXE570888NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC2012.5220      
Third15-Jun-72220822170h 09m17 42 59N106 26 51EXE535943NE4807B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC6014.8260      
Third15-Jun-72222222230h 01m18 04 35N106 24 59EXE499924NE4807B Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTCD SITE  8"/55HC2115.3270      
Third16-Jun-72030003010h 01m17 29 06N106 33 59EXE663391NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTSUPPLY AREA  8"/55HC2715.3270      
Third16-Jun-72042204220h 00m17 39 13N106 38 08EXE735262NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTPORT FACILITY  8"/55HC1615.3270      
Third16-Jun-72042304230h 00m17 22 50N106 38 57EXE752244NE4812A Sea Dragon - NVLINEBACKER NIGHTTRANSHIP AREA  8"/55HC1615.3270      
Third26-Jun-72010105014h 00m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72VNMCNIGHTH AND IQUANG TRI 8"/55HC5114.2250      
Third26-Jun-72050107452h 44m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72VNMCNIGHTVC/NVA POSITQUANG TRI 5"/38HC2106.8120 SECONDARY EXP1EA  
Third26-Jun-72064507010h 16m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72VNMCNIGHTCD SITEQUANG TRI 5"/38HC455.7100      
Third26-Jun-72064507010h 16m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72VNMCNIGHTCD SITEQUANG TRI 8"/55HC85.7100      
Third26-Jun-72120613351h 29m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72VNMCDAYVC/NVA POSITQUANG TRI 8"/55HC12515.3270      
Third26-Jun-72125413000h 06m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72VNMCDAYMORTAR SITEQUANG TRI 8"/55HC3016.5290      
Third26-Jun-72222823371h 09m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72VNMCNIGHTH AND IQUANG TRI 8"/55HC6011.9210      
Third28-Jun-72000103223h 21m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72 NIGHTH AND IQUANG TRI 8"/55HC3912.8225      
Third28-Jun-72043605150h 39m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72 NIGHTTROOP CONCQUANG TRIGROUND8"/55HC3313.1230 TANK3EADESTROYED 
Third28-Jun-72055705590h 02m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72 DAYTROOP CONCQUANG TRIGROUND8"/55HC1015.3270      
Third28-Jun-72061206150h 03m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72 DAYH AND IQUANG TRI 8"/55HC4214.8260      
Third28-Jun-72082408260h 02m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72 DAYARTILLERY SITEQUANG TRI 8"/55HC284.580      
Third28-Jun-72093910020h 23m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72 DAYARTILLERY SITEQUANG TRI 8"/55HC8014.2250      
Third28-Jun-72112716505h 23m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72 DAYH AND IQUANG TRI 8"/55HC15813.6240      
Third29-Jun-72002600470h 21m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72VNMCNIGHTVC/NVA POSITQUANG TRI 5"/38HC2178.5150      
Third29-Jun-72012604593h 33m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72VNMCNIGHTVC/NVA POSITQUANG TRI 5"/38HC3487.7135      
Third29-Jun-72081008280h 18m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72VNMCDAYVC/NVA POSITQUANG TRI 5"/38HC1088.0140      
Third29-Jun-720905224713h 42m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72VNMCDAYVC/NVA POSITQUANG TRI 5"/38HC615.7100 SECONDARY EXP18EA  
Third30-Jun-72034403480h 04m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72 NIGHTH AND IQUANG TRI 8"/55HC10013.9245      
Third30-Jun-72060906330h 24m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72 DAYH AND IQUANG TRIAIR8"/55HC7213.1230 TANK3EADAMAGED 
Third30-Jun-72060906330h 24m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72 DAYH AND IQUANG TRIAIR   13.1230 ARTILLERY SITE3EADAMAGED 
Third30-Jun-72120013471h 47m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72 DAYH AND IQUANG TRI 8"/55HC21514.2250      
Third30-Jun-72191820241h 06m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72 NIGHTH AND IQUANG TRI 8"/55HC14114.8260      
Third30-Jun-72192019300h 10m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72 DAYH AND IQUANG TRI 5"/38HC143.765      
Third30-Jun-72214923211h 32m     Naval Gunfire - SVLAMSON 72 NIGHTH AND IQUANG TRI 8"/55HC6415.9280      

Source:   Raw .csv CONGA data downloaded from NARA AAD August 2004, and scrubbed by Bob Chase into a usable spreadsheet, CONGANNMissionsv05.xls.

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