USS Newport News CA-148 Naval Research - Deployment Report
"Thunder" USS Newport News CA-148 off North Vietnam October 1967 / image adapted from photo by John Glass  
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USS Newport News CA-148 off North Vietnam
( image from photo by John Glass October 1967 )

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USS Newport News CA-148 Deployment Report
Vietnam 1967-1968

When I was planning for the National Archives visit in December 2003,  I also called the Naval Historical Center  (also in the D.C. area)  and spoke to the four-striper in charge,  who seemed interested and helpful but overwhelmed by a backlog and a staff shortage.  He took my name and address but was noncommital about what they could do when.  I'd almost forgotten about it but had thought that I'd at least put a note on this web site with contact info in case someone else wanted to try again at some later time.

The mail on April 12,  2004,  brought a great surprise:  a package from the Naval Historical Center containing a copy of a 68-page Deployment Report for our ship's first Vietnam deployment.

Here's a link to the Naval Historical Center web site.

Here's a link to the USS Newport News CA-148 entry in their "Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships".

The Deployment Report appears to me to be incomplete - with action reports only for 1967 - but is full of interesting details anyway.

There's more official detail about the POW capture than I've seen anywhere else.  Specifically,  it clearly says in two places that the POW's boats were destroyed by carrier aircraft shortly before our search operations began.  It also has a precise location of the capture and identifcation of the American command to which the POW's were turned over.  Here are extracts of the text about the POW's,  along with my comments.

If I understand the HOSTA and CONGA data files correctly,  the action reports listed in this deployment report are primary source documents for HOSTA and CONGA.  Curiously, both HOSTA and OPNAV1950 identify 25 Nov 67 as a hostile fire date but I find it difficult to read the action reports any way other than the 24th,  not the 25th, as the hostile fire date.

Just below on this page, there's an index with links to images of individual pages.  Here's the raw image archive.  I sent the "original" photocopy to the USS Newport News CA-148 Museum,  along with a CD of scans in case there's ever a need to reprint the report.

 Cover LetterApril 7, 2004Naval Historical Center 
 Page 1Title PageDeployment Report 
 Page 21 Sep 67 - 9 Oct 67Chronology of Events 
 Page 39 Oct 67 - 4 Jan 68Chronology of Events 
 Page 49 Oct 67Operational Activities 
 Page 522 Oct 67 - 23 Oct 67Operational ActivitiesPOW Capture
 Page 624 Oct 67 - 25 Oct 67Operational Activities 
 Page 727 Oct 67 - 28 Oct 67Operational Activities 
 Page 86 Nov 67 - 8 Nov 67Operational Activities 
 Page 915 Nov 67Operational Activities 
 Page 1024 Nov 67 - 27 Nov 67Operational Activities 
 Page 1128 Nov 67 - 29 Nov 67Operational Activities 
 Page 1229 Nov 67 - 2 Dec 67Operational Activities 
 Page 132 Dec 67 - 10 Dec 67Operational Activities 
 Page 1410 Dec 67 - 19 Dec 67Operational Activities 
 Page 1519 Dec 67 - 23 Dec 67Operational Activities 
 Page 16 Comm, Weapons 
 Page 17 Operational Statistics 
 Page 189 Oct 67Action ReportFirst Fire at Enemy
 Page 1910 Oct 67Action ReportFirst Hostile File
 Page 2011 Oct 67Action Report 
 Page 2112 Oct 67Action Report 
 Page 2213 Oct 67Action Report 
 Page 2314 Oct 67Action Report 
 Page 2415 Oct 67Action Report 
 Page 2516 Oct 67Action ReportHostile File
 Page 2617 Oct 67Action Report 
 Page 2718 Oct 67Action ReportHostile File, Perth Hit
 Page 2819 Oct 67Action ReportTyphoon Carla
 Page 2920 Oct 67Action Report 
 Page 3021 Oct 67Action Report 
 Page 3122 Oct 67Action ReportPOW Capture
 Page 3223 Oct 67Action ReportPOW Delivery
 Page 3324 Oct 67Action Report 
 Page 3425 Oct 67Action Report 
 Page 3526 Oct 67Action Report 
 Page 3627 Oct 67Action Report 
 Page 3727 Oct 67Action Report 
 Page 3828 Oct 67Action Report 
 Page 396 Nov 67Action ReportHostile File
 Page 407 Nov 67Action Report 
 Page 418 Nov 67Action Report 
 Page 4224 Nov 67Action ReportHostile File
 Page 4325 Nov 67Action Report 
 Page 4426 Nov 67Action Report 
 Page 4527 Nov 67Action Report 
 Page 4628 Nov 67Action Report 
 Page 4729 Nov 67Action Report 
 Page 4830 Nov 67Action Report 
 Page 491 Dec 67Action Report 
 Page 502 Dec 67Action Report 
 Page 513 Dec 67Action ReportHostile File
 Page 524 Dec 67Action Report 
 Page 536 Dec 67Action Report 
 Page 547 Dec 67Action Report 
 Page 559 Dec 67Action Report 
 Page 5610 Dec 67Action Report 
 Page 5711 Dec 67Action Report 
 Page 5812 Dec 67Action Report 
 Page 5914 Dec 67Action Report 
 Page 6015 Dec 67Action Report 
 Page 6116 Dec 67Action ReportHostile File
 Page 6217 Dec 67Action Report 
 Page 6318 Dec 67Action ReportHostile File
 Page 6419 Dec 67Action ReportHostile File
 Page 6520 Dec 67Action Report 
 Page 6621 Dec 67Action Report 
 Page 6722 Dec 67Action Report 
 Page 6823 Dec 67Action Report 

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