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"Tran Hung Dao Trip"  to Vietnam  for Tet 2004
January 15, 2004, to February 2, 2004
Carl W. Cole and Patti Mears
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Postal Commemorative Envelopes

On each day of the trip, I mailed postal commemorative envelopes  (event covers) with a design specific to that day's planned activity.

Here's an archive of all the designs.

Here's background on the special Day 10 remembrance designs,
for which an additonal 22 covers were mailed.

Here's the distribution:
390 covers were mailed,  using 970 stamps totaling 2,915,200 dong in postage.

Each cover featured Vietnam's 400 dong Tran Hung Dao stamp

(Number 838,  issued September 17,  2000).  Tran Hung Dao stamp

Those sent domestically had two 400d Tran Hung Dao stamps.
12 sets were mailed within Vietnam.

domestic sample

Those sent internationally had one 400d Tran Hung Dao stamp
plus additional postage according to the destination (USA or Australia).
11 sets were mailed to USA.

international sample

I can't thank my "dear little sister" Dieu enough for her help with this project.  I don't think I could have completed it without her.  She ensured that I had enough of the 838 stamps available,  helped me locate addresses,  collected extra sets that I mailed to myself in Vietnam,  and shipped them to me.

Carl W. Cole
James Island SC
(The Center of the Universe)
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