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"Tran Hung Dao Trip"  to Vietnam  for Tet 2004
January 15, 2004, to February 2, 2004
Carl W. Cole and Patti Mears
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Below is our itinerary, as planned.  The travel agent's detailed in-country itinerary is here.

We were actually rather ad hoc.  We did "DAY 1" on Sunday the 18th and then took Tuesday the 20th as a free day.  The weather was lousy in Hue,  so we skipped the Perfume RIver cruise,  the second day in Hue,  and the Phong Nha cave;  picked up the wreaths and headed up coast the instead.  We bypassed Ha Noi to go straight to Ha Long Bay and then ended with 3 contiguous days in Ha Noi.

Ha Noi airport was fogged in when we were scheduled to leave and we were half a day late getting out of Vietnam  (spent a 4th night in Ha Noi),  layed over an unplanned night in Seoul,  and ended up a full day late getting home.

Date Day of Week Day Vac Events Itinerary Notes City Day Envelope
2004-01-15 Thursday 1 1 Fly to Seoul Delta 4479 depart CHS 640A arrive DFW 842A (flight time 3:02 layover 3:28 total time 6:30)      
          Delta 7868/KE 032 depart DFW 1210P arrive ICN 540P (16th) (flight time 14:30 layover 2:40 total time 17:10)      
2004-01-16 Friday 2 2 Fly to Bangkok Delta 7917/KE 653 depart ICN 820P arrive BKK 0005A (17th) (flight time 5:45 layover 8:15 total time 14:00)      
2004-01-17 Saturday 3   Fly to HCMC TG 680 depart BKK 850A arrive SGN 1020A (flight time 1:30 total time 1:30)   1 Flight
          No activites. Recover from trip. Buy stamps if Post Office open Night in HCMC.    
2004-01-18 Sunday 4     Shopping, free time, some DAY 1 or DAY 2 activities? "Stamp Cafe" meeting Art Museum 9-11:30 Night in HCMC. 2 Stamp Meeting
2004-01-19 Monday 5 3   Shopping, free time, some DAY 1 or DAY 2 activities?   Night in HCMC. 3 Nha Rong
2004-01-20 Tuesday 6 4   DAY 1: HOCHIMINH CITY (D)   Night in HCMC. 4 Cho Lon
2004-01-21 Wednesday 7 5 Lunar New Year’s Eve DAY 2: HOCHIMINH CITY (B, L, D)   Night in HCMC. 5 Firecracker
2004-01-22 Thursday 8 6 First day of Tet DAY 3: MY THO (MEKONG DELTA) (B, L, D)   Night in HCMC. 6 Monkey
2004-01-23 Friday 9 7 Fly to Danang DAY 4: HO CHI MINH CITY - DA NANG - HOI AN (B, L, D)   Night in Hoian. 7 Flight
2004-01-24 Saturday 10     DAY 5: HOI AN - MY SON - HUE (B, L, D) Hue: find flower shop & order wreath Night in Hue 8 Hoi An building
2004-01-25 Sunday 11     DAY 6: HUE (B, L, D)   Night in Hue 9 Hue building
2004-01-26 Monday 12 8   DAY 7: HUE - DONG HOI - PHONG NHA CAVE (B, L, D) Hue: pickup wreath as we leave town Night in Dong Hoi 10 Newport News
            Cua Viet: lay wreath in Gulf of Tonkin      
            Mui Lay: lay wreath in Gulf of Tonkin      
2004-01-27 Tuesday 13 9   DAY 8: DONG HOI - VINH (B, L, D) Cua Lo: visit beach & inquire about prisoners Night in Vinh. 11 Wooden Boat
2004-01-28 Wednesday 14 10   DAY 9: VINH – HANOI (B, L, D) Chau Khe: visit Night in Hanoi. 12 Incense
2004-01-29 Thursday 15 11   DAY 10: HANOI (B, L, D) Dinner with Nguyen Ha Giang Night in Hanoi. 13 Cotevina
2004-01-30 Friday 16 12   DAY 11: HANOI - HA LONG (B, L, D)   Night in Halong. 14 Ha Long
2004-01-31 Saturday 17     DAY 12: HA LONG - HANOI (B, L, D)   Night in Hanoi. 15 Ca Cuong
2004-02-01 Sunday 18     DAY 13: HANOI - DEPARTURE (B) Buy Ca Cuong   16 Flight
2004-02-02 Monday 19 13 Fly to Charleston KE 684 depart HAN 110A, arrive ICN 720A        
          Delta 7863/KE 037depart ICN 1200, arrive ORD 935A        
          Delta 1643 depart ORD 1130A, arrive CVG 140P        
          Delta 5391 depart CVG 300P, arrive CHS 438P        
2004-02-03 Tuesday 20 14 Recover from trip          

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